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Phil literally stole my schoolbag can u not.

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Bold What Applies To You
(I’m in an iPad, so I’m using dashes)

I have watched an episode of American Horror Story.
I still watch Spongebob Squarepants. 
I hate horror films.
-I love horror films.
-I prefer comedy over horror.
I prefer horror over comedy.
-I have watched an episode of a TV show in the last 24 hours.
-It’s currently night.
It’s currently morning.
-I’m supposed to be sleeping.
I’m procrastinating right now.
I’d rather read than watch a movie.
I am excited for something coming up.
I think I will smoke when I’m older. 
I have tattoos.
-I have no tattoos.
I have tattoos but I regret them.
I have no tattoos but I want some.
I have a friend who smokes.
I smoke.
I’m straight.
I’m gay. 
I’m bisexual. 
-I don’t know/care
I have an eating disorder.
I have self harmed.
I have been diagnosed with depression.
-I hate when people self-diagnose themselves with depression.
-I have been sad for ages but I have never been diagnosed with depression.
-I’m wearing my pajamas right now.
I’m wearing something white.
I’m wearing something blue.
I’m wearing something black.
-I’m wearing something red.
I’ve been shopping in the last 24 hours.
-I have filmed a video in the last 24 hours.
-I have a YouTube account and I upload videos.
I have a YouTube account but I don’t upload videos.
I am listening to music right now.
-I have vomited from crying so much before.
-I have been given a gift in the last 24 hours.
I have given someone a gift in the last 24 hours.
My birthday is in December.
My birthday is in April.
My birthday is in June.
-I have an iPhone.
-I have had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend.
I have never had a relationship.
-I’m single.
I’m happy right now.
-I’m sad right now.
-I’ve been in a fight in the last week.
I’ve been to the cinemas in the last week.
I am a Christian.
I attend church.
I have a bible.
I’m an atheist.
-I don’t have a belief in anything, I just go with whatever.
I’ve seen an animated movie in the last week.
I’ve seen a horror movie in the last week.
I’ve met someone famous.
I’ve met a singer.
I’ve met an actress.
I’ve met an actor.
I’ve met a YouTuber. 
I’ve met a band.
I’ve met an author.
I’ve met a script writer.
I’ve met a cast of a tv show.
I’ve been on a tv show.
I’ve been on tv.
I love British accents.
I love Irish accents.
I hate Irish accents.
-I hate British accents.
I live in America.
I live in Australia.
-I don’t like the school I am attending right now.
-I don’t like my country. 
I love the school I am attending right now.
I have one all-time favourite song.
I’ve been to several concerts.
-I’ve been to no concerts.
I really want something right now.
I have no money.
-I have more than $20 currently.
I have a job.
-I want a job.
-I don’t have a job.
-I have a favourite actor.
I have several favourite actors.
I have one favourite movie.
-I play Xbox.
I play Playstation.
-I play on the PC.
-I play video games.
I hate chocolate.
-I have allergies.
-I love cats.
-I have let someone use me.
-I have let someone hurt me.
I say ‘LOL’ out loud. 
I am wearing a dress right now.
-I have disappointed myself in the last 24 hours.
-I have cried in the last 5 hours.
-I have cried myself to sleep in the last week.
I have had coffee recently.
I am wearing makeup right now.
-I don’t wear makeup.
I prefer boots to converse.
There’s rubbish around me right now.
I am currently on my phone.
I am currently on my laptop.
There’s more than 2 tabs open on my laptop right now.
-A YouTube video has made me cry before.
-I cry a lot.
-I hate crying, 
-I still watch Disney.
I love Friends, the TV show.
-I watch Skins.
-I have a Facebook.
-I have an Instagram account.
-I have ask.fm.
I don’t go on Omegle and I don’t see the big deal of it.
-I like Mario and Luigi.
-I don’t mind Ke$ha.
I wear a lot of makeup.
I am older than 20.
-I am younger than 18.
I have a driving license.
-I have school tomorrow.
-It’s currently Summer.
It’s currently Winter.
I hate Winter.
I hate Summer.
-I love surveys.
I’ve been single for more than 4 years currently.
I’ve been in a relationship lasting for longer than 1 year.
I’m married.
I laugh a lot.
-I’m serious when I want to be.
-I love quotes.

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